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Express static options.

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4 x API express Creates an Express application The express function is a top level function exported by the express module var express require express var.

Aug 28, pre processors, Express js, 2014 DocPad is a static website generator built on Node js , querying , that empowers your website with layouts, a robust plugin.
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This document helps troubleshoot Cisco Express ForwardingCEF) routing loops , sub optimal routing caused by a valid cached Cisco Express Forwarding adjacency that.

To create a virtual path prefixwhere the path does not actually exist in the file system) for files that are served by the express static function, specify a mount

Note: my auto answer at end of the post I m trying to make a better experience of nodeJS and i don t really like to get all the script in one file so, following a. Why do you use a Singleton class if a Static class serves the purpose What is the difference between Singleton and Static classes and when do.

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